Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Might be July Before We See Grass Again

Snow - rain - snow - rain again... and on and on and on. The snow's so deep it's almost to the top of some windows and doors. Sure hope it doesn't melt quickly!


  1. Me again . . . well I can say (since last Saturday) snow, rain, wind, rain, hail, thunder & lightening - we had the biggest snow of the winter Saturday night (doesn't compare to yours) - the grass will be back - just make sure the snowplower has kept the drainage areas accessible ;-)

  2. Drainage is a concern especially since this year's spectacular monsoon somehow put 7cm of water in a basement where, in living memory, none had ever been before. We're supposed to have highs of +9C with rain. Should be fun! Nice to hear your weather ain't boring either.