Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sunset through kitchen sink window

It was nearly dark so the Venetian plaster walls look much darker than they are but the sunset through the window I thought worth a shot.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Morning on the Trail

Part of our walking trails.

Quick shot of the Venetian Plaster makeover of the kitchen

This is just one corner of the room... I'll post some better shots when the spirit moves me later on.

Early morning spider web

The early morning sun catches this magnificent web. We have lots of huge "garden" spiders that we just co-exist with. Apparently they catch all sorts of mosquitos and other annoying insects. They don't bother us humans (yet) so it's live and let live.

Miss "S" Rides the Rails #5

Well, she's not exactly "riding the rails" but what the heck. Yet another photo of the furrball.

Miss "S" Rides the Rails #4

What's to say? She poses. I click. Shurr is purrty. (This was August 2011)

Abundant crops of apples

Most of the apples on the trees on the property look better than they taste. The variety is unknown to us but to make a pie, or even just to eat one, you have to be fast. They turn brown within seconds of being cut open. We did discover a few Macintosh trees... and that fruit is delicious!

Bee on chives

The challenge to successfully capture an image of an insect "doing its thing" on the flora is perhaps even more exciting than the resulting picture. Sometimes it's enough that the darned thing is not blurry!

Wagon Wheel

We inherited this antique with the house. There's nothing quite as useless nor as eye-catching as this item amongst the "blasts from the past" that lurk in our house, barn and sheds.


So far, of the 8 or 10 glads we planted last year, only this one has bloomed this year... and it took it's time!

Great Northern Aster

These luminous asters are in profuse bloom now in mid-September.