Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Striking The Pose - Again

Hope my doting on Miss "S" isn't boring you too badly. When we're out for an evening walk on the trails it's hard not to be taken by her regal poses.


  1. Miss S is never boring & very photogenic. I hope that summer has arrived in your end of the country - we're still working on it here.

  2. Hi Jenn... nice to hear from you. Miss "S" is the most petulant, demanding, stubborn, enchanting, four-legged fur ball I've ever been fortunate enough to know.

    She has us trained to cater, on demand, to her every wish. Perhaps "trained" isn't the correct adjective - it's more like intimidation... we either respond as she wishes or she will ricochet around the house threatening to destroy everything we hold near and dear.

    Outdoors, she's equally unpredictable. We usually have her in a harness with leash attached and once we're on the trails we just drop the leash and let her wander as she pleases. The other day she decided to make a break for freedom. She disappeared for a while and when she reappeared she was naked - harness and leash were nowhere to be found. Guess she got it caught on something. She's learned that if she puts herself into reverse and pulls hard enough she can get out of it.

    Anyway, enough for today. We're still waiting for summer too. The biting insects, especially the black flies, are out in epidemic proportions this year. Kinda ruins evening walks.