Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Yup... More of dem CDs

Some people might wonder why I stand around in bone-chilling temperatures waiting to take a picture of chickadees. Sometimes I wonder myself. But every once in a 100 pictures or so I get lucky. I think the psychological principle of "intermittent reinforcement" is hard at work encouraging me to try again and again.


  1. Richard - these are great - I like chickadees they always lighten things up. There is one right now, a male, doing the minor 3rd (cheeseburger) call, on my walk from the bus stop to the office. I think he's a little early looking for a mate (even here on the west coast). The top photo is the avatar for my facebook page. Say 'hi' to TAC.

  2. Hi there, runningone... glad you're dropping by and enjoy the birdies.

    There's precious little to photograph these days unless you're into pics of dead looking trees and expanses of snow.