Thursday, March 8, 2012

Morning Coffee with the Evening Grosbeaks

This platform feeder I built onto an old fence post has proven a winner from day one. Groups of jays, crows, blackbirds, siskins, finches, grosbeaks, chickadees, sparrows of all kinds, and, of course, SQUIRRELS, enjoy the free lunch from morning 'til night.

I'm going to try growing patches of sunflowers this year to see if I can cut down the expense of buying black oil sunflower seed for these critters. I hope they don't get too disappointed when I shut down my feathered restaurants for the summer and autumn. There's plenty to eat without me footing the bill, so to speak.


  1. Hey Mr. Earl - this will be quick as dinner is being served - I like grosbeaks - did a cross-stitch picture of some quite a few years ago. Haven't had much success with sunflowers - get them in too late & then the slugs chew them off - think I'll try again this year. Say hi to TAC.

  2. Now that I've got a few feeders spotted around the estate, there's chirping from morning 'til night which adds a sparkle to the place.

    I think the word is out amongst the squirrel population though. They're comin' outta the woodwork!

    We've just had what I hope is winter's last gasp and now look forward to warmer weather and the swarms of black flies and mosquitos. I'd take slugs over those damned things anyday! If it ain't one thing it's another, eh?

    TAC said Hi back.